max and the mouseians” 

my friend rosie and i were sitting in the living room waiting for my mother to call out that dinner is ready.....

i felt something against my leg and looked down to see a very small piece of paper. it was a note. “please come to the basement mouse hole, it is very important” signed max (the mouse king)....

i showed the note to rosie and off we went to the basement. “watch-out for the spider webs rosie”. “over here I found it”: said rosie. It was a tiny little hole in the wall behind some boxes. a little mouse came out. “here is the magic dust that you will need to make yourself small enough to fit through the mouse hole”. he handed us each a little magic dust and told us to sprinkle it on our heads. swoosh!....we were small enough to squeeze into the mouse house.....

on the walls were paintings of cheese and big scary painting of a c-c-c-cat. at the end of the room on a chair that i immediately recognized as one of my sister’s doll house chairs, sat max (the mouse king). he looked worried....

“what’s the problem max?” i asked. “come with me” he said. and rosie and about ten mouseians started down a long hallway.

as we approached a pitch black doorway we heard a growl, another growl even louder and the most awful noises.... “it sounds like a dragon or a monster” rosie said.

one of the mouseians lit a candle….and there in front of us sticking through some broken boards was a giant cat’s head sticking though the wall. “he was trying to get into our house and got stuck” said max. “he has been there for almost two days, and we don’t know what to do?”

“sprinkle some magic dust on him” suggested rosie. “great idea” i said. we tried that but it didn’t work”, said max, “why?” asked rosie and i at the same time. “because it only works if you believe it will…..and sadly enough he doesn’t”.

the cat Samson was very sad, frightened and hungry. “o.k mr. cat let’s make a deal” rosie and i will go outside and return to our normal sizes. we will go around and pull you out of the hole…..on one condition”. “you must promise not to chase the mouseians and you must be their friend”. o.k.? ...there was a slight pause and then samson the cat, meowed “oooooook”.

we shook hands with max and hurried outside where we swoosh! grew back to normal size.

we released Samson and went back to the living room. we no sooner got there when we heard “dinner’s ready”.

as we sat at the table we heard my little sister say, “mama!!!” …..samson went into the pantry and he had two mousees sittin on his head”……everyone laughed……but rosie and i looked at each other and we laughed the loudest of all.